Is Burna Boy the Best Live Performer in Contemporary Nigerian Music Scene ?


Damini Ogulu popularly known as Burna Boy has repeatedly proved to critics and music lovers across Africa and the world as a whole why he deserves the self proclaimed title of “ Africa Giant “by dishing out good music and well coordinated, mesmerizing and sold out shows all over the world .

Burna Boy had a lot of turbulent times in the early days of his career due to several altercations with media houses , fellow celebrities , journalists and many other negative events . These issues were the subject of the intro track on his second album “ On a Spaceship “ where music critic , Osagz , lambasted Burna boy’s attitude and negative energy and also predicted a rapid end to his music career if he continues to tow the path he was then treading .

A lot has changed since 2015 when Burna dropped that album . The year 2018 witnessed an unprecedented rise in Burna boy’s music career, moving him from the “ underrated “ discussions into the “ A listers “ conversations , all thanks to after his well received “ Outside” Album, new deal with Atlantic Records and a subsequent string of Succesful singles like “Gbona”, “Anybody”, “Killing Dem”and “On the Low”.

While there is a lot to say about Burna’s boy epic rise to the top , a particularly distinctive feature of appraisal for Burna boy remains his immense efforts in putting out proper and electrifying performances at his shows and concerts all over the world .

Several artistes and instrumentalists that have worked with the artiste over the years have stated his observation to details and his dedication to ensure he puts up a solid and almost perfect ( if not perfect ) performance whenever he is opportune to do so .Burna’s talent is obviously not in doubt and having proper songs to perform has never been a problem for the 28 year old artiste from Port harcourt city in Nigeria .

In a musical dispensation where most Nigerian artistes are keen on performing for 10 minutes and leaving the stage after getting millions for shows from tickets sales and performance payments , Burna boy has shown that ensuring his fans get the best show experience and ultimate value for their money remains his priority.

Lip Syncing which is the order of the day for most A list artistes in Nigeria appears not to be the forte of the two-time Grammy nominee , most of his shows are live performances with all the drums , snares , guitars and sonorous background vocals .

A recent performance of Burna boy at a show in Paris in November , 2021 has since gone viral on social media platforms .

Some other Burna Boy Performances for your viewing pleasure

Burna Boy Grammy 2021 performance

Here is a Performance of Burna Boy Way Back in 2012

There are lots and lots of videos of Burna’s boy performances across the world on YouTube , Instagram and other numerous social media platforms to attest to this fact . From his 02 performances , to his Grammy , Coachella, VEVO, Audiomack , Jimmy Fallon , Saturday Live , Trevor Noah and many more .

From set up , to arrangement, to sound , to set list , to crowd energy , to the DJ , the background vocalists , the theme , the costumes , the dance routines and the vocal dexterity , Burna boy is definitely in a league of his own and arguably the best performer in the contemporary Nigerian music industry of today .


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