Is Wizkid’s ‘Made In Lagos’ Album Worth The Hype?

After he doused the appetite of his core fans with the Soundman Ep Volume One released on the 6th day of December 2019 , Wizkid continually teased music listeners around the world with speculated dates of his album release through interviews, tweets and all.

After several delays and postponements running into years , consistent hype from industry insiders/friends and several speculations as to featured Artistes and producers , Nigerian Pop Star, Ayo Balogun popularly known as Wizkid dropped his highly anticipated Album ” Made in Lagos ” on the 29th of October , 2020.

Perhaps one of the most anticipated albums of the year , Wizkid has referred to the ” Made in Lagos” album as the best he ever made.

In this review, we examine Wizkid’s Claim and see if ” Made in Lagos ” was ever really worth the hype .

Producers : P2j, Juls, Mut4y,
Blackjerzee,London,Sarz, KelP

Features:. Damian marley, Tems, Terri, Burna boy, Tay iwar, Ella mai, Skepta, Projexx, H.E.R

Song Writers – P2j,KelP,

Engineers – Colin Leonard, Leandro Hidalgo, 

Genre – Afrobeats, , RnB, 

Runtime – 52 minutes 

Tracks – 14

Label – Starboy Entertainment Ltd/RCA


” Dem hin na na na na, I know say dem go pray on my downfall”.  

The album opens on a very good note with this beautiful track . The first few seconds of the song will get listeners nodding their heads and feeling the groove . Wiz is at ease as he flows seamlessly on the track talking about God’s blessings , his struggle in life and his keen interest in treating his woman right . 

” I no day give a man more than what he deserves , cos them still day bite the hand wey dey feed them” , Wiz says as he goes philosophical on this joint . Big ups to P2J for cooking up the fantastic beat. The saxophone and Wizkid’s ” yoruba” outro is also ingenious . 

Listening to this first track sets listeners in the mood for a lyrics filled album as the songwriting on this joint is indeed commendable.

2) GINGER FT BURNA BOY – Machala and Odogwu as they are fondly called by Fans linked up for their third official track together after ” Jah love is True” off Burna’s first album ” LIFE” and ” Single ” off his second album ” On A Spaceship”. The track is refreshing and doesn’t fall short of what one would expect from a collabo between two very talented musicians.

The duo admonish the Listeners to ” Ginger” Up and stop acting like a ” bolo” ( A Nigerian lingua for a dull person) while of course paying homage to the sweet Nigerian jollof too . 

The arrangement and chemistry between Starboy and African Giant is pleasing to the ears as they confidently switch flows and deliver effectively on the hook . Burna boy on the Outro shows why Damini Ogulu has bragging rights as one of Africa’s Finest musician ever.  

Excellent production from P2J too.


The third track features Skepta . The duo previously created the smash hit ” Bad Energy ” off Skepta’s Project. Little wonder the track feels like Bad Energy Part 2 . From the beat, to Skepta’s verse and delivery . Wizkid takes on the topic of women and whining on the track and managed to pull a good verse on the joint . This feature could have been way way better.


Perhaps the grooviest track on Made in Lagos . Wizkid gives us a bit of the Wizkid we heard on the Mastercraft Produced ” Odoo “. A track for the ladies to whine and dance . Wizkid is in his vibes mode on this Afrobeats/Carribean influenced P2J and Kel P produced joint and effortlessly weaves between the beat like Nigerian politicians find their way out of corruption Cases. Solid Bop . 


” Cold Mineral , Cold Pure Water ” .
The welcoming saxophone is so smooth and ushers in the powerful voice of Jamaican Superstar, Damian Marley who comes through with a brilliant hook and orgasm inducing verse.

The track is also the track with the most quotable lines and the strongest message ( of thankfulness to God ) on the album. The songwriting on the joint is also very impressive likewise the chemistry of the artistes and the brilliant soothing beat . 

“, I might be rough around the edges baby yes “, I keep it nappy and do what makes me happy , and nobody can deny that I am blessed “. The song is indeed a gbedu all and sundry can Jam.
Wiz last 5 seconds of outro on the track is however highly unnecessary and doesn’t fit into the theme of the song .


Beautiful song with a powerful message . The Reggae influenced P2J produced track featuring H.E.R was one of the singles released before the album . A track signifying happiness and encouraging positivity , it was perfectly arranged to come after ” Blessed “. 

The H.E.R feature is just perfect for the track .Wizkid’s Song writing on this track can once again be commended especially his second verse where he comes through heavily . Wiz also flexs his vocal power and versatility on this track as he switches between RnB and Reggae flow . 
Good music , Good video . A hit .


Mekwe Music . The beautiful production is once again noticed . Production on Made in Lagos so far has been top notch .

With lines like ” Hop on my bed day do like rocky o , meet me for lobby o, I know nobody can satisfy ya like me “, it’s evident Wizkid has made the perfect baby making track . Wiz and Ella Mai sings and plead with their lovers to come and get a piece of them . This one is for the sex playlists and romantic adventures. Wahala for who single ���.


Wizkid sings with no stress on No stress . Machala is still on the topic of satisfying his woman , a topic which is repeatedly seen across the album. No stress comes across as a track to vibe to with wine , in the jacuzzi or while taking a cruise with a lambo feeling rich and fulfilled .

Wizkid maintains the calm demeanor which the album started with and is surely enjoying himself as he sings ” I got a pretty lady way no like no stress” while casually talking about other activities like sex . A brilliant joint.


True love is one of the most brilliant tracks Wizkid has ever made . Juls serves us a refreshingly tasteful beat which Tay iwar (who was on the hook) ate mercilessly. Wiz and Tay iwar sings about missing the love of their life and experiencing a pure and true love whenever they are with them . Projexx verse is also very beautiful . 

Showcasing elements of Afrobeats , reggae and rnB, true love is one of the stand out tracks on Made in Lagos that has the potential to be a Mega hit if wiz decides to put on his promotion hats this time around .


The tracks begin to sound similar here . Sweet one seems to have the same progression and vibe as Piece of me . Wizkid is fully on his Afrobeats mode on this track . He begs his lady to whine her waist till the morning . The track sounds like a mixture of a couple of other tracks on the album . Decent joint .


A bad feature with Tems ? I doubt .Tems comes through fully on this track and sings about how time is of ” essence” and how her lover needs no other body but her . Wiz corroborates this claim and woes the lover with his lines appreciating her beauty and body while letting her know she needs only him too. 

The chemistry on the track is also highly commendable likewise production . A Bop 


Finally , something for the clubs . Wiz brings on Starboy Entertainment artiste, Terri on this Blaq jerzee produced bop and the two artiste deliver heavily on the track . 

” Gbedu go drop, say Erima go dance o “, Terri really steps up his game on the joint and almost outshines wiz on his own track. 


On Gyrate , Wiz just cruises through the beat. Wiz urges his people to Gyrate and enjoy life on the london produced track . Wiz is fully laid back on the joint as he makes this brownies taking and getting high track . 

14)  GRACE  

A track titled “Grace” would of course sound perfect for The last track on this album . On this track , Wizkid thanks for the Grace upon his life and declares no one can run his race. Not a bad track for an outro .


One thing about the Made in Lagos album is the fact that Wizkid has improved or decided to put more efforts into songwriting and delivering better lyrics .When singles like ” Joro” and ” Ghetto youth ” were released , a lot of music lovers already predicted an album with subpar lyrics but Made in Lagos proved to be very satisfactory in terms of lyrical input . 

Despite being for the most part a ” vibes ” album , wizkid perhaps aware of the market the album is made for and knowing their intolerance for mediocrity ,deliberately invests time in creating very decent lyrics rather than repetitive lines and gibberish which he fed the local scene for a while now. 

While there’s improvement in lyrics and songwriting , Wiz however needs to be more cohesive on tracks , switching lines from talking about God’s blessings on track titled “blessed” to talking about doing marathon sex with a lady on the track ” is just not it for an artiste of Wiz calibre.

. Production , mixing and mastering are on Made In Lagos = World class. Big shout out to P2J who produced most of the tracks on the album . While the use of saxophone was quite excessive and unnecessary on some tracks , the general production range and quality on the album is very very satisfactory. I wonder what a few Northboii productions would have done in terms of the production quality on the album as the fight between himself and Wiz might have led to his creative absence from Made in Lagos.

The track arrangement deserves some praise likewise the featured Artistes. Every single artiste featured on Made in Lagos came correct, perhaps bearing in mind the song is ending up on the project of one of the biggest artistes to ever come out of Africa. All guest Artistes blended on their joints smoothly like hot knife through butter.

Versatility might not really be termed an issue on the album as wiz switches from Pure Afrobeats , to reggae , afropop and then RnB. Regardless, the similar tempo on beats and non versatile use of the saxophone makes the album a bit monotous at some point. There is no track that actually beams up your energy at any point save maybe ” Roma” . Little wonder a lot of people termed the album ” Elites , Highness and Baby Making music “.

The album also lacks ” Shock Value ” . There is no song on the album that one can say” oh wow, I never knew Wiz could do that “. Nothing really out of Wizkid’s comfort zone as wizkid is fully at ease on the album and like the title of one of the songs goes , Wiz wants ” No stress”. 

It must however be stated that there’s really no bad song on the album though the last two tracks ” Gyrate” and ” Grace” come across as Album fillers .

The Branding for “Made in Lagos” is also something to talk about . For an album mainly created for the international market with really slower tempos and vibes not popular among locals in the city of Lagos , the made in Lagos branding would have been more efficient for his first album ” Superstar” while the super star title would have being perfect for this new album . 

The only major reference to Lagos was the ” cold Mineral, Cold Pure water ” line in Blessed . However , this can be overlooked as the videos from the album can still do a lot to cover the ” Made in Lagos ” theme as can be seen from the SMILE video where amala, suya and owambe mamas ,( three things typical of the everyday lifestyle in Lagos ) were depicted. 

. Reminiscent of the Sound Man Ep and Sounds from the Other Side , Made in Lagos is an album with very very good songs but no potential ” African lamba” type of monster hit . Like the two previous projects , Wiz has evolved into laid back Afro beats and Carribean influenced musical productions , a side totally different from the ” Iyeyeye” Pop and Afropop wiz that came into the scene around 2011.

Wizkid has reached a comfort zone where he just wants to make music in line with his creative thoughts . He is under not much pressure to fine-tune his outputs to please anyone and this is what happens on Made in Lagos . We see a more deliberate , more calculated and grown Wiz being at his utmost creative freedom and doing what he truly loves.  

Wiz has perhaps created the template the new kids will follow in the next three to four years as he deviates from the norm once again . 

One can only hope wiz shoots more videos off the project and takes the promotion of the album serious .

While we await the Deluxe version , Made in Lagos proved yet again that Wizkid is one of Africa’s biggest music export and sure is not going down anytime soon .